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In this very moment – you choose

The rains are pouring down, water coming under the doors, thunder and lightning non-stop – you get the picture. My dogs are running scared – hiding in the outdoor laundry and sometimes howling at a volume that competes with the storm. I feel for them. I go out to them, …

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You Don’t Need to be a Zen Monk to Meditate

Meditation has been known throughout the ages as a “Spiritual” practice, and associated with many different religions & belief systems. These days meditation is more widely acknowledges as a “stress relief” exercise and has gained popularity in many different ways. There is still a lot of bullshit out there though …

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Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go is one of the hardest things to do. Letting Go of an amazing business idea (that you spent lots of time, money and thought on) Letting Go of someone you once loved Letting Go of a feeling that is holding you back Letting Go of something …

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Bullshit Non Judgement

To be without judgement is a load of bullshit. Everybody judges. Everybody feels. Everybody has reactions to events, people, situations and more. Even those who proclaim they are “without judgement” often state specifically that they will work only with specific types of people (is that not judging a book by it’s …

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The Power of Saying “No”

Today I am making sure I say NO No is not used anywhere near often enough. We are always saying “Yes, Yes, Yes – of course I will do that for you” whilst inwardly thinking “Oh shit … why did I agree to that? How the heck am I going …

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It is OK to not always be OK

“How are you?” “I am fine” Oh yes … of course you are. You are always “fine” You say you are fine each and every day but then … confusion sets in, the mask goes on – hiding the pain and problems, you start to be who they want you …

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