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In this very moment – you choose

The rains are pouring down, water coming under the doors, thunder and lightning non-stop – you get the picture.

My dogs are running scared – hiding in the outdoor laundry and sometimes howling at a volume that competes with the storm.

I feel for them. I go out to them, hug them and “tuck them in” to their couch and blankets and close the door – trying to make them feel warm and safe out of the weather.

I also make a choice.

I see others whinging and whining about the rain and how annoying it is to be stuck inside.
I choose to look at the good things that this rain brings:

  • Water for the dams on our farm
  • Watering all the plants
  • Water for animals (including ours) – especially the ducks who absolutely love it!

and I listen to it.
I allow the sound of the rain to be my meditation and to just listen and simply be.

In that moment I am grateful.
Grateful to have a roof over my head, grateful to have a loving partner / husband to snuggle up to, grateful for lovely pets that love us so much that a mere cuddle calms them in the midst of a storm … and I am simply grateful for life.

In this moment – I choose.
I choose life, I choose graciousness and respect for the rains.

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