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Recording The Rainfall

Recording the Rainfall

You probably have noticed – nearly every farmer, homesteader or permaculturalist record rainfall. But why?

  • Rain has a huge impact on our crops. Too much or too little at the wrong time can make all the difference to crops, pasture (and erosion!)
  • There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the weather. The more knowledge we have about our properties (including impact of weather) – the better! Knowledge is the key to preparation and to the best outcomes.
  • Recording the rainfall (and keeping the history of the rainfall alongside other notes) means that you can see how the rain has affected your crops in the past. You can see when too much rain has destroyed a crop and when there has not been enough rain – and you have needed to rely upon irrigation / other water sources.
  • When you record rainfall over a number of years – you develop a “pattern” for your property as to when the wettest and driest periods are per year. This can be used when planning your crops / planting to minimise your dependence on other water sources.If you record rainfall in multiple locations on your property – you determine which areas of your land receive more or less rain and can plant accordingly. Plants that are “hungry for water” can be planted in the “wetter” areas, whereas plants / crops that need better drainage are planted in the drier / better drained areas.
  • Knowing “approximately” when to expect heavy rains – you can prepare drainage areas, overflows of dams, and water catchment facilities to maximise your ability to capture the water and to minimise damage that can be caused through water overflow.
  • Knowing when the driest parts of the year occur – you can have water ready for irrigation and fire fighting purposes.

It is all about getting to know your land, your water and BEING PREPARED!

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