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We are nearly there! (and the feelings that come with that)

It feels absolutely amazing when something you have worked so hard for comes to fruition.

At the same time, you feel nervous.

  • “Have I missed something?”
  • “Is it really done?”
  • “What else do I need to do?”

We are both feel super antsy and anxious – trying to get the last parts of this project completed yet at the same time almost feeling at a loss.

Right now is the time to make some huge decisions.
It is also the time to wait on some huge decisions (and we all know how being in limbo can drive us crackers).

I am burning out… but, here is the thing. The issues that are causing the burn out will not exist soon. So whilst people say stop, take a rest, I am afraid that if I do I will not get back up again. I need to keep going for 10 more weeks and then I can simply let myself go.

Have you every felt like that?

We are at that “antsy” stage. We are very close to finishing. We are getting fed up with everything taking so long and just want to finish and nothing more.
We want to get out of the caravan we have been living in for 18 months and be in our own home before the dark of winter sets in.

We want some of our own space again. We want to relax. We are grateful to all those who have helped us along the way, but we now just want to be done.

When we are done – we will not have all the financial constraints of the money going into the build.
We can refinance. We can make conscious decisions about how much we wish to work.

They are decisions we need to make, however – they must wait.


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