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World Naked Gardening Day – OMG Really?

World Naked Gardening Day – OMG Really?

Today is World Naked Gardening Day.
I think I conveniently forgot about it until I opened Facebook this morning and had a barage of naked people in my newsfeed all conveniently placing plants over their private parts.

I must admit, I am not sure what the point of it all is?
So I went digging … (and not in the garden this time).

The answer itself was on Wikipedia (
It is simply a day to embrace two of the key areas that were loved by the founder – gardening / permaculture and nudity!

It is a good marketing tool.
The thing is – it worked.

It is a day where people embrace who they are in a place they create.
It is a day where people let go of body inhibitions and have a bit of fun with it.

So whilst I cringed at first – when I look at it, is it really that bad?

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